We are passionate about hotel design and architecture! Like you!

This is the reason why we started TOPHOTELDESIGN as the infinite gallery of outstanding hotel design and architecture from around the globe – showing the great work of leading designers and architects as well as the hottest brand concepts.

This gallery targets design enthusiasts, hotel owners, developers, investors and brands. They want to see the best design, the coolest ideas, the latest trends as well as new brands concepts. Of course they want to know, who´s behind and this is what they will find!


The internet is full of images, also from hotel design – but it´s not curated dedicated to the industry and it rarely shows the ones who are responsible – the designers and architects.

Every single image on TOPHOTELDESIGN is manually curated with dozens of tags as well as the project details and the responsible studios.

Users can search by nearly any criteria possible to see what they are interested in and get in touch with the designers involved.


You will find new ideas and innovations every day! Check the “NEW” button.

It´s free of charge!

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It offers splendid functions!

Registered users can:

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  • share images or albums with others or on social media (every share gives credit to the hotel, brand ,architects and designers)
  • create their own albums
  • build their own virtual mood boards (coming soon)

A great solution for companies to manage their image gallery!

Uploading to TOPHOTELDESIGN you will have your company’s image portfolio organized and accessible at all times and everywhere. Search and share your images in a smart and easy way. Looking for your #lobby designs of the last 5 years? Get them in one click.

Find your pictures with clever filters and hundreds of tags in a second. Easily share single images or entire collections with a few clicks internally or externally in a faster and targeted way.

The search engine has all keywords and provides suggestions for autocomplete and intelligent recommendations.

We care about copyright!

Companies who submit their photographs must ensure that they have the appropriate copyright clearances.


Submit your amazing work NOW to get shown to the worldwide community of hotel owners, investors, developers, brands, media and more!

We showcase real photographs of opened hotels. Please do not submit CGIs / renderings in place of actual photography. Images size must be more than 1mb.

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Since more than ten years, TOPHOTELPROJECTS follows all relevant hotel construction projects worldwide. A dedicated team of currently twenty professionals researches all project details and contacts during the whole planning and construction process, collecting data and storing all information in the online database TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION.

Over 20.000 projects have been researched so far, building the worldwide most comprehensive database of all stakeholders involved, e.g. developers, investors, hotel owners, operators, brands, architects and interior de-signers.

This database of all key decision makers is the key of the vast industry network, TOPHOTELPROJECTS is running. Based on that it´s easy to understand, that there is likely no other company having better access to this community.

TOPHOTELPROJECTS is also running TOPHOTELNEWS, the online news platform about projects, brands, design and people. 155,000 pageviews a month, 60,000 daily newsletter recipients and over 200,000 Linkedin connec-tions speak it´s own language about the reach. The definitely best base to show and communicate stunning de-sign to the global community. Are you IN?