Supplier Description

Parla is a 3rd generation company that manufactures and designs furniture for the Hospitality & F&B sectors. Working closely with the A&D community, Parla supplies a wide range of loose and fixed furniture for prestigious projects all over the world. The company has a modern furniture production facility and a sales Office in Istanbul, another in Dubai and the latest is coming up in the UK. Our global setup enables us to provide logistic support to our clients across various time zones, and assures them of a continuity of service from design to delivery. The factory in Istanbul is made up of a young dynamic design and manufacturing team, who has very high levels of knowledge in design, materials, craft and technical applications. Using the latest technical and engineering advances, and with guidance from very experienced craftsmen, Parla can merge tradition with contemporary seamlessly. Parla works with globally recognised clients from hotel chains, to A&D firms, to design studios and procurement companies producing furniture bespoke to a clients'​ designs or from Parla's own in house collections. Our flexible and adaptable approach to each market we are working with teamed with excellent customer service makes us stand out from the crowd, and get consistent repeat business with each client.

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